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Article Submissions

Article submissions are required to ensure SEO articles and press releases receive the coverage required to impact your SEO campaign. A time-consuming task that nobody wants to do, submissions create valuable links to your website that will help its ranking rise in major search engines.

Why outsource to Precise English?

We supply highly optimised content for our clients, so why not let us submit your work too? Submitting content to just a few websites can take time, so imagine submitting to hundreds without the experience required to complete the task quickly and efficiently. The majority of websites that require an account use a 'double opt-in' system that entails confirmation within fifteen minutes of signing up.

Once the accounts are set up, the next task is to post the articles, staying within the different submission guidelines set by each website with regard to the position of the link. A process best done manually, it doesn't take long to realise how long submitting copy online can take.

Save money

Deciding to have your articles written by us means that we will give you a discounted price on submissions, ensuring the most cost-effective solution for your business lies with Precise English.

'Content is King' is a phrase used by many experts in the SEO industry, and we use (and love) it too! Using articles as a way to build quality links to your website is commonplace for some of the most successful SEO companies worldwide.


Benefits of our Submissions Service:

  • Permanent links (back links) from online hubs
  • Home page & deep links
  • Keyword rich content with links
  • Wide distribution with potential of further links as people share your work, all the time linking back to your site
  • Targeted content that will bring targeted visitors.

Article Submissions are vital for link building and search engine optimisation. For submissions that are completed manually, send us an email today.