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Copywriting Examples

For anyone seeking to hire a professional copywriter to entice and attract new custom, it goes without saying that there are a number of considerations that should help to find the perfect professional for the job. The first, and probably most important, is to see a portfolio, in much the same way as an employer would read an applicant's CV if they needed to fill a post in their organisation.



Looking at Copywriting Examples in a portfolio

Many professional contractors, from copywriters to designers and IT specialists to photographers, prepare a portfolio of their work so that prospective clients can get an idea of their work and style.

For writers this is particularly important because it gives them the opportunity to showcase their writing style, tone and adaptability. It also gives clients an indication of the experience they have gained.

For example, a professional writer might have had five years of writing experience for the same company where their duties, tone and style remained the same day after day. This might be termed as "time served". A second writer might have had only half the experience in terms of time, but gained diverse experience in writing on various subjects for a range of clients. Through a portfolio, the second writer will be able to demonstrate adaptability in tone and style.

Neither can be said categorically to be the best writer as this is subjective and will depend on what a particular client is looking for. While the first example might appear to be the better option in terms of time spent on their craft, another prospective client might favour the second writer due to his range and experience, which might count for more to them.

These might seem somewhat far-fetched, but they serve as prime examples of the information that anyone looking for a professional copywriter might start to look at.


Considerations other than a portfolio

In the same way as a plumber, electrician or builder, being a member of a professional trade, has their work evaluated on certain criteria, such as work ethic, reliability, quality and reputation along with professional attitude, so too should the work of any professional copywriter be appraised.

Many businesses and individuals tend to take the professionalism, customer service and reputation of any copywriter into account as well as their actual experience, especially if they are seeking a long term working relationship rather than a one-off job.


How does experience translate into success?

While there is certainly a lot to be said for the copywriting experience, professional attitude and reliability, there is one other essential consideration: a writer's success rate.

A writer might be able to make claims that their work is inspiring, sales-oriented or SEO friendly, but it is important for any prospective client to be able to see proof of where this copy has had positive results. This could be in the form of graphs showing an increase in sales figures, online statistics that demonstrate an increase of traffic to a particular site, demonstrations of an increase in reading figures or simply excellent references from previous clients who have enjoyed the benefits of the writer's work. Seeing a portfolio together with details of the positive outcome, is of paramount importance when considering the work of any copywriter or professional copywriting or SEO experts.




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