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When advertising a business or organisation, it can often be difficult to strike a tone that focuses on existing customers and yet entices new custom or interest in the products or services on offer. Many businesses find this especially difficult when writing for the web. Should they focus on a local or existing market, or focus on the "bigger picture"? There are two schools of thought on the subject of using local services. The first is that any writer can produce good copy for any location, so a writer from any part of the United Kingdom should be able to produce good copy for a specific location. Others believe that a locally based writer specifically aiming their copy at a local market is more likely to see positive results.

This has never been truer than in recent times when a company looking to employ the services of a writer doesn't even need to meet with one. Thanks to modern technology, such as email and digital uploading, people can work remotely and apply for work from a much larger geographical area than they were able to in the past.

This might sound beneficial to all parties as it gives local businesses the opportunity to employ writers and other talented people who can help them with advertising, marketing and web design without having to travel to meetings, but it can also lead to problems.



The benefits of using a local for Copywriting North East

The main advantage of using locally based copywriters is that they instinctively know the local market. They can tailor the tone and style of the copy to suit local requirements and even, should the business in question require it, use dialect, anecdotes and jokes specific to the region. Obviously, this might only be appropriate to certain businesses or situations, but that's exactly where a local copywriter can offer advice.

Copywriters who are targeting their copy towards a local market are more likely to be aware of what other businesses in the area are doing and also more likely to be able to offer new or individual ideas or put an inventive twist on an existing idea. This is likely to attract more custom and be individual enough to stand out from the crowd.


Copywriters from further afield

Although a writer who is aware of the local market can write with a specific target audience in mind, a business, especially one wishing to grow and adapt in a more widespread market, should avoid pigeonholing themselves in one category only and using copy that only speaks to one area of a demographic. This could potentially put off new customers from another sector. Prime examples of businesses that have made this error are clothing stores that have suffered losses as a result of only stocking and targeting a certain age or size group.


The solution: a local professional

For those businesses looking for a local feel to their marketing that makes their existing regional market feel catered for and is attractive to new custom, the solution is quite simple: a local professional writer who covers a larger market, either on a national or international scale. Businesses can have the best of both worlds with content from Precise English.




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