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Using blogging to help your business

As more people take to their computers to search for goods, luxury items and services, there is increasing pressure on businesses to make the most of their online presence with bigger and better websites. In addition, they use online marketing to attract new visitors to their site, and make the most of professional services such as marketing specialists, web and graphic designers, and the locally based service provided by Copywriting Tyne and Wear.

With all the focus on online custom and convenience for the customer, there is one overriding issue for most people: many companies have lost the personal touch. People used to enjoy knowing everyone who worked in the local bank, convenience shops and Post Office. It gave people a connection with the people supplying their goods or services, and added a personal touch to even the largest of corporations.

There is now a tendency to conduct business at a less personal level, with automated telephone answering and online customer services the norm, along with customer targets that seem designed to bypass the opportunity to talk with customers. The increasingly fast pace of everyday life has all but removed the opportunity of getting to know people.

There is a way, however, for Tyne and Wear businesses, even those who only have an online presence, to retrieve a little of that personal communication in the form of blogging.







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Blogging is one of those terms that might sound like a hip trend in which neither a business nor its employees are likely to have any interest. It might even be something a business or organisation has dismissed in the past as not being suitable for them or their customers. However, there are a number of ways in which blogging can be used for the benefit of businesses and customers, to increase sales and profitability as well as customer satisfaction.

In the most simple of terms, a blog is a part of a website that the individual or business who owns the site updates as they might do a diary. Blogging, and the reading of blogs, is immensely popular and it is believed that in February 2011 there were more that 156 million blogs in existence worldwide. Many celebrities and political figures are famed for their blog entries.

As the popularity of blogs grows, many businesses are using them to keep their own online diary where they can update customers on their latest products, what they're currently doing, or ideas on how to use products.

For example, art and craft suppliers can use a blog to give ideas for projects using the products they sell, whereas interior designers or suppliers might be blogging the latest trends and colours. Charities blog their achievements and special events, and retailers blog their latest stock.




The one hard and fast rule about blogging, though, is that it has to look professional.

The Number 1 reason why every business MUST have a blog:





Every single blog that is uploaded on your website is seen as a new page by the search engines, and search engines love new pages. The more fresh content you place on your site, the better the chances of ranking higher on the search engine results. However, you should not just upload any old content...speak to the team here at Precise English about how our SEO Copywriting Services can help (See Blog Writing Service).



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With many companies having neither the time nor expertise to make the impression they want to through a blog they write themselves, they turn to professional copywriters who can help them to maximise their online presence and use the blog as a tool for creating business and sales opportunities. A professional writer can set a consistent tone for the blog to which customers are likely to respond.





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