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Expert SEO Copywriting

As the owner of any business, whether large or small, it can be very difficult to strike the right balance between when to handle matters personally and when to call in a professional. It can work in an organisation's favour to hire its own staff and train them to its exacting standards rather than use agencies. Dealing with new customer enquiries personally and adding your own touches, such as thank you gifts for repeat custom, Christmas cards, gifts and newsletters, may work better than asking a third party to handle contacts. However, there are times when the personal touch may be a mistake. Writing, for instance, is one such area where the professional touch can make all the difference and many companies have been amazed and impressed by the benefits that Expert SEO Copywriting has brought to their business.

In exactly the same way that a work by Monet is completely different in class and quality to the work of an amateur painter, so the website content of a master wordsmith with expert knowledge in SEO (search engine optimisation) is vastly different to an amateur attempt.

It stands to reason that if a business is looking to make a good first impression with any element of their website, the best way to achieve this is by using professionally written copy.




The benefits to a business that uses Expert SEO Copywriting

To some, search engine optimisation might sound like a fancy term and be viewed as a way in which consultants elicit money from clients for doing very little. However, as with many other forms of online marketing, SEO can actually generate positive results in a very short period of time.

SEO Copywriting is just one aspect of online marketing whereby the content is written for web copy, articles, press releases or blogs (see SEO Copywriting), and edited to make it more noticeable to search engines. In turn, this pushes it higher in their results and so a site with strongly optimised copy is more likely to reach the front page of, for example, Google, when it is searched for than competitors who do not have professionally written content.

One of the easiest ways of optimising a site is by including keywords (or key words) and phrases that the search engines can pick up on. These keywords can then be added to the text of the site, so within its home page, blogs, articles and any other pages, they make up part of the content. The keywords should be directly connected to the business; after all, there's little point in having words that a prospective customer searching for a particular basis might not naturally choose.


Too much of a good thing

It is often upon realising that they can add keywords to their web copy that many businesses “fall down”, especially if they decide to go it alone rather than use a professional service such as the one provided by Precise English.

Many sites can become unreadable because of the sheer volume of keywords stuffed into them and, while attracting people and traffic to a website might be a fantastic start, it is of very little use if they find the content confusing once they arrive.

It is for this reason that having quality copy is so important. A professional copywriter is one who is able to balance out the SEO requirements with those of the customer for a pleasant and informative reading experience.



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