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ESL Editing and Proofreading

ESL (English as a second language) is also referred to as ESOL (English for speakers of other languages).

Writing content in a language other than your mother tongue can be very daunting. Writing content in English as a second language can be especially difficult. When should you use its or it's? How and when should you use colloquial terms? How do you choose between their, there and they're? The English language can be very difficult to learn and even those who speak it as their first language encounter problems with syntax and pronunciation.

Precise English ESL Proofreading

Clients who benefit from our ESL editing and ESL proofreading services are students and authors all over the world who, although more than able to hold a conversation in English, find it difficult to adhere to the more formal register that the English written language requires.

Are you learning English as a second language or studying an English degree at a British university? Having your documents professionally edited and proofread will help you achieve the best possible results.

Our Team

The editing and proofreading team at Precise English has the knowledge and experience required to provide an industry-leading service to those who use English as a second language. Our qualified team are all native English speakers.
Struggling with spelling? The spelling rules of the English language are not consistent with the phonetic alphabet. For this reason, accurate spelling is probably the biggest challenge for non-native speakers.

Precise English can help!

Why send your document(s) to us?

  • Quality finished product.
  • Your own written English will improve as you learn from our amendments.
  • Your confidence in your work will grow as you get your message across more clearly.
  • Assistance is available round the clock
  • You'll save time and energy.

If you've turned to spelling/grammar software packages in the past to help you with your work, then you'll know that most of them fail to provide a comprehensive English editing service. We check your spelling, punctuation and grammar, along with a review of overall sentence structure, flow and tone to ensure your work is appreciated and fully understood.

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