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Newsletter Writing

Whether you need a newsletter for print or email marketing, we're here to help. Precise English writes content that motivates subscribers to take action.

Newsletter Writing:


With companies around the world sending out weekly or monthly emails to their subscribers, our Copywriting Service is in great demand and a must for any business looking to drive page views/traffic.


Do you prefer to send your news in print? We can provide you with content that will engage your readers and entice them to take action. You can use our service for both email and print versions of your news updates.

The Process

We try to keep things as simple as possible. We usually require three to five topics per email, but this can vary depending on the format you choose (email or print) and the level of detail you require for each topic. Examples of topics your company may want to share with customers/subscribers include:

  • a new service
  • a promotion/sale
  • industry news
  • a new member of staff.

Five Reasons to have a Newsletter

1. Loyalty

Because every article we write is copyrighted to you - we will never re-use your content - you can use the articles for on-site content development, or off-site for article marketing on sites such as Ezine Articles, without being penalised in any way.
Unfortunately, the majority of blog readers never return to a blog once they have read it. They arrive from a search engine or social media site, or similar, read the copy that took their interest and then move on.
A newsletter is a way to 'hook' people into returning either to your blog or website, or both. It gives you the chance to remind a visitor to come back.

2. Traffic

They can highlight new promotions, blog posts or even a new service. The more helpful the topics, the more likely the reader will click-through to your site. You're much more likely to generate a marked increase in traffic to your website by sending news directly to people who have specifically signed up than by writing a blog post. (Doing both is recommended.)

3. Enhanced Reader Engagement

What many companies find, is that their subscribers see themselves as 'members' rather than just 'email receivers'. The sense of having joined something or being a member of a community can be a very strong marketing tool, one that provides you with the opportunity to offer your 'members' exclusive content and discounts that will further increase participation and commitment.

4. Monetisation

If you have a large following, or your traffic numbers are high, then a newsletter provides you with an opportunity for advertising revenue. Selling advertisement space can be lucrative, especially if your site is 'niche'.

5. Target and Track

It gives you the opportunity to track which topics, links, images, etc. work, and which don't. You can also separate your subscribers into groups (e.g. new subscribers, those who click on adverts, those who never open your emails) and target them with specific messages.

Ensure your website's content doesn't let you down

Once the content has been written by our professional copywriter, it's imperative you ensure that the content of your website is of a similar quality, one that will motivate your visitors to take action. Visit our Website Content Writing page to learn more about professionally optimised content that can increase your search engine rankings and conversions.

Let's Get Started!

You've taken the time to read up on newsletter writing and how it can help you increase traffic to your website, so now's the time to speak to our friendly team about producing the content. Contact Precise English today.

Need Help with Newsletter Design?

We can help with this, too. Having quality content is vital, but so is having a well-designed newsletter. Precise English works with (in our humble opinion) the most talented web designer around!

When enquiring about our services, don't forget to let us know if you would like us to design a template for your campaign in addition to the content.