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SEO Article Writing: Content is King

When Bill Gates said "Content is King" back in 1996 he probably didn't envisage the debate that would result in relation to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), particularly SEO copywriting and SEO article writing. Since '96, Google has emerged as the number one search engine, above Bill's very own Microsoft. And what does Google love? Unique, optimised and well-written content!

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Content that concentrates on pleasing the 'search engine spider' or 'search engine robot' (the Google programme that follows links throughout the Internet), may provide you with a 'quick fix' in terms of your website's ranking on the major search engines, but it will not give you the prolonged presence or conversion rates that every business craves.

Similarly, content that targets the reader but negates the search engines will not provide the results you would gain from professionally written content. Why? Because without search engine optimisation even the most interesting and well-written content will not be found by the search engines and so traffic to your site, and consequent conversion rates, will not increase.


Content from Precise English

We're very proud of our SEO Article Writing Service. It offers clients a unique blend of quality written content and expert search engine optimisation. What does the service entail? Although we don't want to divulge all of our Copywriting secrets, two main factors are keyword density and keyword placement. Having the right amount of correctly placed keywords is vital for any article, and the team at Precise English will ensure that every article we produce for you is written accordingly. 


However, one particular bit of advice we're happy to share is that it doesn't matter how well your keywords are placed or what density you use, if the quality of your writing is not up to scratch then it's pointless. Google demands quality!

High quality, informative and unique content will result in higher search engine rankings. Google and the other search engines need information to keep its users returning, and the content on your website satisfies this need.


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Bill Gates first coined the term "Content is King" back in 1996 and it looks set to ring true for the foreseeable future.