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What we offer

Welcome to the Services page. Here, you'll find information on the most popular services Precise English offers. If the service you require is not listed, please let us know what you need via our Contact page and we'll get in touch as soon as we can.

Search Engine Optimisation Copywriting

Search engine optimisation (SEO) continues to be labelled as the most important marketing channel for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and one of the key factors of a successful optimisation campaign is the content - which is why we often say "CONTENT IS KING". Without credible content, how can you engage customers in your website? How can you inform the search engines about your website? And how can you increase knowledge of your website through link building and article marketing? Professionally written content that engages both reader and search engine is imperative if you want to be a success on the web.

Proofreading Services

A service that you would expect any content writing company worth its salt to offer, proofreading is our second main provision and one that helps individuals and businesses throughout the world use written content free from grammar and spelling errors. However, we don't simply check the spelling and grammar in your text, we also proof and edit sentence structure and, if requested, can ensure your document has the correct tone for your target audience.


To learn more about how we proofread, and the service in general, visit our Proofreading FAQs page.


Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation Services Our list of services goes beyond SEO Copywriting and Proofreading; we also offer Social Media Optimisation. If you're interested in having a presence on Facebook and Twitter to further interact with current and potential customers, just contact the friendly team at Precise English. Similarly, if you have an account on Facebook and Twitter, but you're not seeing any impact on your sales, then we may be able to help.

Just a few examples of the types of copy we have written:

  • Advertising copy (print, TV, radio)
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Business letters
  • Feature articles
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Technical writing (inc. manuals)
  • Website audits and usability assessments

Content Outsourcing

Our outsourcing services are tailored to provide large volumes of web content at wholesale prices.

Content Outsourcing - Content for SEO Companies
Content Outsourcing - Content for Web Companies

Content for SEO companies - this service is targeted at SEO companies that wish to outsource their content requirements to a reliable and experienced SEO Copywriting company.

Content for Web companies - this bespoke service offers content specific to a web company's requirements. If you need a white label service, you can apply your own branding without any extra cost, or you can mention that you work with Precise English as a partner.

Article Submissions

SEO articles are vital for any SEO or link building campaign, and quality articles from Precise English give you that extra credibility in a competitive online world. Our Article Submissions Service ensures your articles, whether written by us or not, are correctly uploaded to some of the best 'article hubs' online.



We produce content for the offline market too. If you're interested in working with a creative copywriter on your offline document, such as a brochure, advertisement or leaflet, visit our Copywriting page today .

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