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Social Media Optimisation

Precise English - Social Media Optimisation

We love to listen. We love to talk. That's why at Precise English we embrace social media.

With over 85% of the UK population now online, and a significant number registered on a social network, social media optimisation (SMO) is imperative if you want to reach your target audience efficiently. Information from Simply Zesty and Facebook suggests that of the 85% of people in the UK who are now online:

  • 1/3 have uploaded to a video sharing site like YouTube
  • 85% have watched a video
  • 1/4 write their own blogs, while 60% read blogs
  • 64%, and rising, have their own profile on a networking site like Facebook or Twitter.

According to research, the average user time on social networking websites is six hours, seven minutes and 54 seconds per month, while one in three adults agree that they "could not live without the Internet".

OK, so we've explained how popular social platforms are, but what can they do for your business?

Whether you're a business owner or are in charge of a marketing budget, social media optimisation should be alongside SEO copywriting at the top of your list. Why?

  • 78% of UK Internet users look online for information about goods and services
  • 70% trust online recommendations from strangers
  • 90% trust online recommendations from people they know
  • 20% of tweets (on Twitter) contain a reference to a product or brand
  • A visitor arriving on your website from a social network site is ten times more likely to enquire or make a purchase than any other visitor. This is an incredible discovery that underlines how important networking sites are.

The problem is that it can be extremely costly in terms of the time required to learn what sites are best and to set up each profile correctly. However, it doesn't stop there! To make a real impression online you need to post frequent and relevant tweets and status updates, along with regular customer interaction and special offer updates.

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All figures on this page have come from Simply Zesty and Facebook.




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We offer four Social Optimisation Services:


  • Working with you, we come up with an optimisation strategy
  • An introduction to social networking along with the setup of accounts on social media sites relevant to your individual optimisation strategy. Custom features such as tabs, profile pictures and backgrounds
  • 'Place' integration - a localised check-in service on Facebook
  • Two hour mentoring session to show you exactly what to do with all your accounts
  • Advice and consultation for one hour a week, for two months, if required.


  • Facebook & Twitter account management
  • Regular status updates and tweets relevant to your business
  • Customer interaction - the key to making social networking a success
  • Special offer updates, sales, events, etc.


  • Whether for you or your staff, we offer custom training at any experience level
  • Basics - how to get started and how to make the most of Twitter & Facebook
  • Other opportunities
  • Live examples
  • Mentoring available.

Online Advertising

  • Advert placement
  • Paid advertising campaign creation and ongoing maintenance
  • Can link to a current optimisation strategy
  • Can link directly to your website.

Twitter Management

Twitter Management

This service is purely for users of Twitter, one of the most important social platforms for businesses wishing to connect with their target audience. Click here to learn more.