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Website Content Writing

Website Content Writing


What's more important for a website, the text or the design?


Most web developers would probably argue in favour of design, and copywriters for the text. However, you’ll find that web developers well versed in the art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will vote for content.


Copywriting from Precise English


Why is copy, rather than appearance, the most important factor for a website? The answer is Google.


We're not saying that the only reason text is more important than design is because of the number one search engine, but it is a major influence. Before we discuss why, see below for other reasons why 'Content is King':


Conversions – a pretty picture alone will not give the visitor a reason to buy. Persuasive copy will convert browsers into buyers.

Information – a website with words alone may look unattractive, but it would still get the point across.

Voice – the written word gives your business a 'voice' to help you interact and keep in touch with your target audience.


Web Copywriting & SEO


Owning a website is imperative for every business in the modern, technological era. People use technology to find products and services from every industry and market on a daily basis. Whether it's through a PC, laptop, phone, tablet, or similar, the Internet touches everyone in some way and, for those who want to spend their money, is quickly becoming the first port of call.


Getting your business in front of these users is the trick to owning a successful enterprise. With SEO Content from Precise English you can achieve this.


Companies of all sizes use our Web Content Writing Service to help engage visitors and search engines. Our unique service will help your site rank higher in Google (and the other search engines), increasing traffic to your site as well as engaging visitors and persuading them to convert from browsers into buyers.


We know what Google wants


We know that Google loves optimised, unique copy on websites and we know that they want to remain the number one search engine by providing relevant information to their users. One of their main indicators for relevant information is the text on a page, so ensuring that your web copy is correctly optimised (not just stuffed with keywords that could result in a ban) for related keyword phrases is vital if you want to appear as high as possible on the search engine results pages (SERPs).


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Now you know why Website Content Writing is so important, let's have a chat about how Precise English can help you.